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Complete mole
This is a hydatidiform mole

     This occurs when the nucleus of an egg is either lost or inactivated. The sperm then duplicates itself because the egg was lacking genetic information. Usually there is no fetus, no fluid and no amniotic membranes. The uterus is rather filled with the mole that resembles a bunch of grapes. The fluid filled vesicles grow rapidly, which can make the uterus seem larger than it should be for gestational age. HCG levels are often higher than normal with a complete mole.

It is recommend that you should not try to get pregnant until 12 months have passed following a normal hormone level. This is because if you get pregnant before then, we will not know if the hormone rise is due to a normal pregnancy or due to persistent cells from the hydatidiform mole.

The grape-like villi of a hydatidiform mole